Friday, 28 November 2008

Chatterbox Magazine

Hello I picked up a free magazine in Leamington the other day called Chatterbox (see It is distributed mainly through shops and there are two editions - one for Coventry area and one for Leamington area. Well worth reading with all sorts of information,jokes, stories as well as some advertising content - I am considering advertising myself! I can thoroughly recommend getting a copy.
Later today I will be sorting out my van, making sure I have everything ready for the show tomorrow - hope to see you there St John's Church, Warwick Rd., Kenilworth.

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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Oakleigh Fairs

Hello - Welcome to Thursday. I was in Essex last weekend at Petersfield Antique Centre in Halstead. It is a lovely place set in two large barns and is worth a visit. One barn has been converted into a small shopping village featuring mainly "craft" type shops but also includes a general grocery shop. The other barn is the Antique Centre but I did not have the time to visit that. We were in a marquee set between the barns and spilling over into the first barn. The weather was very cold with frost,rain and snow and I was sleeping in my van!

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Antique fair - St John's Church, Kenilworth - organised by GJ Fairs

Hi Back again. I am very new to blogging and in fact to using a computer in general. Being a one fingered typist it takes me time to post on my blog!
I will be exhibiting at St John's Church, Warwick Rd., Kenilworth, Warwickshire this Saurday - 29th November. It is an Antique Fair organised by GJ Fairs. I understand it is a smallish fair but has been going for some time so will have a regular following. It is the first time I have exhibited at this event however so I have no expectations.

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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Heritage Polish and Green Angel Skincare

Welcome to the first edition of the Heritage Polish and Green Angel Skincare blog the online information board for DCK Services. We sell HERITAGE WOODCARE,HERITAGE LEATHERCARE, GREEN ANGEL SKINCARE and MICROWARM products.

HERITAGE WOODCARE removes silicons waxes grease and grime and also takes off most white heat marks, ring marks and watermarks. Ideal for use in the kichen, on wood furniture and wood floors.

HERITAGE LEATHERCARE feeds, polishes protects leather leaving a water resistant finish and cleans most colours. It brings tired leather back to life. Ideal for use on leather funiture, car seats clothing and footwear etc.

GREEN ANGEL SKINCARE is a range of seaweed based body smoothers and creams and also haircare products. Seaweed is a rich source of the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements vital to healthy skin.

MICROWARM products crafted locally are a range of microwaveable heatwraps, handwarmers and cushions giving relief to injured muscles and comfort against cold environments.

In my next update I will be giving information o where you can see and buy the products and also get information on their use etc.

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