Saturday, 11 August 2012

Packaging for my orders.

I thought it would be useful to go through my packaging procedure. With orders for woodcare I prefer to double wrap in bubblewrap to give some protection. It shouldn't be necessary but I don't like to take chances and prefer to give my orders the best possible chance of getting to their destinations safely and undamaged. Post Office regulations also require liquids to be double bagged  hence woodcare orders being double bagged.

To keep costs down (also meaning prices down) i source free packaging as far as possible. I find my local supermarket very helpful in this respect supplying me with all the packaging I need - bags. bubblewrap and cardboard. This is also helpful to the supermarkets as it cuts down on their waste, even if only slightly which means it cuts their costs of disposing of their waste. Occasionally I have used padded envelopes. These are used envelopes which are being recycled. This  means that all my packing is recycled and recyclable in turn

I hope this explains why the packaging does sometimes look as if it is recycled!