Thursday, 22 December 2011

How can I remove bitumen (tar) from my leather seats

Following my earlier post about removing nicotine from leather furniture.I have now received an enquiry about removing bitumen (sometimes called tar).

I was demonstrating Heritage Woodcare at a show a while ago and someone told me about his experiences.Apparently he had not long bought a brand new Jaguar car with cream leather upholstery and was driving it through an area where the road had recently been resurfaced. Somehow a piece of grit covered in tar (bitumen) became trapped between his trousers and the car seat covering both in tar. He went on to say that although the trousers were ruined he had rescued the leather seat by wiping it over with Heritage Woodcare. I thanked him for the information and advised him to wash that particular seat with pure soap and then condition it with Heritage Leathercare.

So, to answer the query about removing bitumen from leather, wipe the leather with a cloth prepared with Heritage Woodcare (see earlier posts for instructions on how to prepare your cloth), having done that wash your leather with pure soap (Simple Soap, baby soap, soap flakes, Dreft, etc.), make sure your leather is totally dry, then condition with Heritage Leathercare

Heritage Woodcare and Heritage Leathercare are both available online, visit Heritage Woodcare can also be obtained from

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

How do I remove nicotine from my leather suite

I have had a request for some information on how to remove nicotine from a leather suite. I would suggest that the best way would be to wash it first.This is best done by using a clean cloth soaked in a pure soap solution (Simple soap, baby soap, soap flakes, Lux, etc.). Squeeze the cloth so that it is not over wet and wash in circular motions, refreshing the cloth when it gets dirty. Having washed your furniture ensure it is totally dry.

The next stage is to apply a quality polish i.e. Heritage Leathercare. Take your tub of Heritage Leathercare and wipe the sponge provided across the surface taking any excess off by wiping on the inside of your tub. Then wipe the sponge in circular motions on your furniture, ensuring it is not left greasy (if it is you have used too much and will need to buff up using a soft, dry cloth or a sheet of kitchen towel)

Heritage Leathercare cleans, polishes, and protects your furniture and will leave a water resistant finish. It is also colourless so can be used on any colour.

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Friday, 2 December 2011

How do I keep warm? - Paston Crafts Handwarmers

Continuing my look at Paston Craft, I thought I would conclude this series by highlighting their Handwarmers in this post. A portable version of their Microwarm Heatwrap, 30 seconds in the microwave will give you a handful of heat you can take with you anywhere. Keep in your gloves or pocket to make the heat last longer! Full instructions are enclosed with each Handwarmer and Heatwrap.

Again I can recommend these from personal experience. I have used them on many occasions when attending outdoor events. I kept them in my trouser pockets which not only kept my hands warm but also my legs.

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Thursday, 1 December 2011

How can I keep warm? - Paston Crafts Heat Reflecting (Retaining) / Self Heating Cushions

Continuing my look at the products made by Paston Crafts, I thought it would be useful to put their Heat Reflecting (Retaining)/Self Heating cushions under the spotlight.

They work by using the body's own heat and are especially suitable where there is no access to a microwave, e.g. wheelchair, car, coach, caravan, etc., and are great when attending outdoor events such as sporting events, music shows, etc.They can also be used at home. Multi-purpose you can sit on them, use them as a back rest or neck rest, etc., They can also be put under coats or jumpers when going out in cold weather.

Another great use is for your pets. Dogs and cats love them when they are put in their beds, under a blanket as they also benefit from their heat retaining properties.

They are available online, visit