Thursday, 30 September 2010

Cleaning white kitchen goods, car bodies,etc.

Hello to all my readers. Question - did you know that Heritage Woodcare is excellent at cleaning white kitchen goods, car bodywork and similar finishes?

In your kitchen, there is no need to change products and cloths. Just prepare your cloth in the usual way i.e. give your bottle a really good shake, pour some polish into a container, take any clean, soft and dry cloth, soak it in the polish, squeeze and wring your cloth out till it is damp dry, then pour any remaining polish back into your bottle and you are now ready.

Using your Heritage Woodcare is very easy as all you do is wipe! On your wood wipe in the direction of the grain for best results. If your wood goes streaky it indicates more than one application is needed, otherwise there is no need to buff up!Continue to use the same cloth (if it is not too dirty) on your washing machine, dishwasher, etc.

Heritage Woodcare is oil based so, in addition to cleaning your white goods, it leaves a protective finish.For your car, wash in the usual way to remove grit, etc. that will scratch your bodywork, dry the car off (using a Super Shammy - contact us for details!) prepare your cloth as above and just wipe in circular motions ensuring you polish all the bodywork. The real benefit of using Heritage is that there is no need to buff up!

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How do I keep my kitchen clean and grease free?

Heritage Woodcare (sometimes known as Celtic Woodcare) is a very versatile product with many uses.I have told you how it is ideal for use on your furniture - how it cleans ( including the removal of grease and grime, nicotine buildup, ring marks, etc.) and polishes at the same time I will now tell you about using it in your kitchen.

Here it will remove all the buildup of grease and water marks particularly. Every time we cook we are releasing water and grease into the atmosphere. This then settles on work surfaces, cupboards, cooker hoods, even the floor. Regular washing of the floor keeps it clean and grease free, thus safe to walk on.However, our cooker hoods don't necessarily get this regular washing and are prone to getting buildups of grease. This then hardens and can sometimes be difficult to remove. Using your Heritage can help.When preparing your cloth (see my previous post) having squeezed your cloth cloth out, do not ring it out but leave it reasonably damp, wipe over the cooker hood last thing at night. Do this for about a week and the oils in your Heritage will gradually penetrate the dried on grease meaning you will eventually just wipe it off.

Heritage Woodcare is also ideal for wiping over your cupboards, work surfaces, etc. Regular use will keep these clean and grease free and prevent the buildup of water marks,etc. thus keeping your kitchen looking like new.

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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

How can I remove nicotine from my wood furniture?

I have had a request to repeat my post about removing nicotine from furniture. My original post was about a cheap oak chest of drawers bought from an antique shop. I said, the reason it was so cheap was because it came in a house clearance from someone who had been a heavy smoker and the drawers were very dirty and covered in nicotine.I had been asked if Heritage Woodcare would remove all this buildup of nicotine and grime.

Heritage Woodcare works by removing all the buildup of silicons, waxes, grease and grime and will also remove most white heat, ring and water marks. It will, therefore, successfully remove all the buildup from the drawers including the nicotine and, in the process, should make them smell a little fresher.

Heritage Woodcare is very easy to use . Give your bottle a really good shake, pour some into a container, take any soft and clean cloth, soak it in the polish and squeeze and wring the cloth out till it is damp dry. Pour the remaining polish back into your bottle.You are now ready and all you do now is wipe, possibly more than once, following the direction of the grain . As previously stated, Heritage Woodcare removes all the build up of silicons, waxes , grease and grime and as the nicotine is in the buildup, that will be removed at the same time.

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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Help! How do I remove tar from my Leather car seats?

In my last post I told you about removing bitumen from wood flooring, so I thought I would use this post to tell you how to remove it from leather.

I was demonstrating Heritage Woodcare at a show a while ago and someone told me about his experiences.Apparently he had not long bought a brand new Jaguar car with cream leather upholstery and was driving it through an area where the road had recently been resurfaced. Somehow a piece of grit covered in tar (bitumen) became trapped between his trousers and the car seat covering both in tar. He went on to say that although the trousers were ruined he had rescued the leather seat by wiping it over with Heritage Woodcare. I thanked him for the information but advised him to wash that particular seat with pure soap and then condition it with Heritage Leathercare.

So, to answer any query about removing bitumen from leather, wipe the leather with a cloth prepared with Heritage Woodcare (see my previous post for instructions on how to prepare your cloth), wash your leather with pure soap (Simple Soap, baby soap, soap flakes, Dreft, etc.), make sure your leather is totally dry, then condition with Heritage Leathercare.Heritage Woodcare and Heritage Leathercare are both available online, visit Heritage Woodcare can also be obtained from

Thursday, 23 September 2010

How do I remove bitumen / tar and spots of paint from my wood floor?

I said in my previous post that I returned home to find my eldest son had decorated my lounge whilst I had been away but hadn't had the time to clear up. Well, this is now my job and the first bit I have to tackle is the floor. You already know that we have a parquet floor in the lounge so the first thing I have to do is remove all the bits of paint, etc.

Previously I have told you about my floor and how to remove bitumen, etc..Bitumen/tar is used as an adhesive to stick wood flooring, particularly parquet and similar types of wood flooring. Over time the bitumen seeps up between the joints leaving black marks on the floor.I had this problem on my own floors.

My wife and I decided to replace the carpet from the hall and stairs To make the job easier and cheaper I took up the existing carpet myself only to find a parquet floor. I could also see the floor continued into the lounge. (It turned out that the ground floor of our house is concrete and finished with oak parquet flooring). After much persuasion my wife agreed to not replacing the carpet on the understanding that I cleaned the floor and did all the maintenance!

The floor that was revealed was very dirty and appeared to have a lot of black marks (subsequently found to be bitumen) between the wood tiles. After several attempts at sweeping the floor I managed to pick up all the dust. I then got down on my hands and knees (I could in those days!) and used Scotchbrite (a non scratch scourer) soaked in Heritage Woodcare and "scrubbed" the whole floor. I finished up with a floor that looked really clean and had a slight sheen, I was also pleased to note that all the bitumen that had seeped up between the joints had been removedNow every time I sweep the floor it also restores the sheen and wiping over with my Heritage Woodcare once per month is all that is required to keep my floor looking really good.

So, having already removed the bitumen, all that remains for me to do now is to remove all the spots of paint, etc. This is similar to removing the bitunen and requires the same amount of elbow grease but the paint does come off - eventually!

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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

What is the easist way to polish my furniture?

Hello to all my readers. It is some time since my last post as I have enjoyed a week away. Whilst we have been away my eldest son decorated our lounge. It was brilliant to return to a bright and clean room but he didn't have time to do the clearing up afterwards. That is down to me! The first job is to clean the floors, removing the spots of paint, etc and that is where Heritage Woodcare comes in. In this post then, I will tell you about Heritage Woodcare.

Made in their Dublin facility by Drigate Products, Heritage Woodcare is a twentyfirst century polish based on a tried and tested recipe that is centuries old and was known only by the grand masters of the furniture crafts. The constant striving for perfection in the cleaning, polishing, and preservation of wooden furniture between these rival grandmasters can still be seen today when looking at many priceless antiques. In order, to get the desired results, these grandmasters would spend hours, sometimes days, working on a single item. Few people today have the time, or the patience, of these grandmasters, so after much research, and backed up by modern technology, this centuries old recipe has been updated to produce Heritage Woodcare. which gives the same outstanding results in a fraction of the time.

Heritage Woodcare is very easy to use. Take your bottle, give it a really good shake and pour some into a container. Take any soft, clean cloth, soak it in the polish, squeeze and wring your cloth out and then pour the polish remaining in your container back into your bottle. You are now ready!

To clean and polish your furniture you simply wipe, following the grain of the wood. Heritage Woodcare cleans and polishes at the same time, removing the build-up of silicons, waxes, grease and grime thus restoring your furniture back to its original finish. Heavy build-ups of grease and grime may require more than one application. It will also remove most white heat marks, ring marks and water marks although again, more than one application may be needed.There are many other uses for your Heritage Woodcare which I will tell you about in the next few posts.

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Monday, 6 September 2010

How can I have smooth,soft skin?

Hello again. I hope all my readers are well. In this post I am going to tell you about an absolutely fabulous product in the Green Angel range. Their Natural Salt Body Smoother "Plus+". is wonderful for your skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

Green Angel Natural Salt Body Smoother "Plus+" is a natural all in one exfoliating body moisturiser, manicure and pedicure that enhances the skin's elasticity and smoothness. It is a traditional and simple solution for those who value smooth healthy skin and nails.

The natural salts exfoliate, thus eliminating dead skin cells whilst the natural oils nourish dry tissue and preserve your skin's natural moisture and the rich minerals condition and soften your skin. Green Angel Natural Salt Body Smoother "Plus+" is perfect for nurses, builders, garage mechanics, busy housewives and househusbands, in fact anyone who has hand contact with drying and abusive chemicals.

It is a definative treatment for the body and can also be used as an all over body rub . Results are visible after just one treatment.

Green Angel Natural Salt Body Smoother "Plus+" is available in three fragrances :-
Sunrise - Lemon and Grapefruit which is alive and rejunivating
Sunset - Lavender and Juniper which is soothing and relaxing
Recover - Tea Tree And Patchouli which is antisceptic and enhancing

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Thursday, 2 September 2010

How do I keep my face smooth and young looking?

In my recent posts I have been telling you about using Green Angel Seaweed Powder as a facial tonic. Now let me tell you about two other brilliant Green Angel Seaweed products that are really beneficial for your face.

Green Angel Seaweed & Collagen Face Cream "Plus+" uniquely combines collagen (a powerful anti-ageing protein) with seaweed extracts, to produce a cream which enhances appearance, firms the skin whilst minimizing the appearance of fine lines leaving your face smoother, radiant and younger looking.

Green Angel Seaweed & Apricot Facial Scrub "Plus+". This unique facial scrub contains finely ground apricot seeds, seaweed extracts and gentle emollients that work togetherto remove dead skin cells and excess oils that may clog the pores.

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