Monday, 23 March 2009

Heritage Woodcare/Green Angel Skincare

Well! Where were you ladies? You missed a really interesting evening. My daughter had arranged for a manicurist/pedicurist, someone doing psychic readings, someone showing a range of Ann Summers products in addition to me with my products and you didn't turn up!

I have received an order from a contractor renovating a church. He is using Heritage Woodcare on all the woodwork including the wood ceiling. I am going to the site today and hope to be able to take some photographs of before plus receive photographs of after. Watch this space!

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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

HeritageWoodcare/Green Angel Skincare

I am going to visit my daughter early tomorrow.As I have mentioned before she is running The Masons' Arms in Upminster. See Three reasons, Firstly we (my wife and myself) will be finishing the job we started on her curtains. I must say, even though I say it myself, it does make a difference. Secondly I am going to polish her wood floors. I am really looking forward to that - I know that Heritage will really make a difference, and the floors will look fantastic. To check on Heritage Woodcare and what it will do, see The third reason is that my daughter is putting on a Ladies Night. (No, there won't be any male strippers!) She is inviting local businesses that are of interest to ladies to have a stand and show their products. She has suggested it will be ideal for the Green Angel range, so I am taking that with me. To see details of the range, see All the stands will be making a donation to the pub's charity which is the local hospice

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Well! what a couple of days

Well! what a couple of days.
It started yesterday when I went to my cousin's funeral. He was 51 when he died but appears to have packed a lot into his short life. He was an accomplished artist and musician having been in different bands in Leicester and was also very much into motor bikes. I have never been to a funeral quite like this . It was similar to a humanist one but was lead by a minister from the United Reform Church. He was dressed in leathers as was the widow and many of the mourners. The minister started off by telling us we would not need the books in front of us, so there were no hymns or prayers. The ceremony was interrupted by the appearance of a model radio-controlled tank my cousin had made, and closed with someone donning a paper parrots' head and a woman with a a shawl dancing together.It was very much a celebration of his life rather than mourning his death!
I then did some shopping prior to my son and his family coming. As the car was low on fuel and we are due to visit my daughter again in the next few days I thought I had better top up.Guess who normally drives a petrol engined van but was driving a diesel engined car on this occasion. Yes - when, after a short distance the car played up I realised that you can't refuel a diesel engine with petrol. I phoned my mechanic who dragged us home and then came out this morning ,drained out the petrol, cleaned whatever in the engine, refuelled and started the car. The petrol went straight into my van so didn't get wasted but even so, the whole exercise doubled the cost of the fuel!

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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Heritage Woodcare and The Masons' Arms

We got back quite late last night from a visit to my daughter. She and her partner run a pub in Upminster. It is a very friendly pub, but, as my wife says, it has not been loved recently. Katie and Jamie are improving the place and it is now showing the effects of having some care and attention lavished on it. See . My wife and I Spent time on sorting out the curtains whilst we were down there. We are going back later this week to finish the job. I will also sort out her wood floors - this is where Heritage Woodcare comes into its own. See Also next week she is hosting a Ladies Night with various stalls and suggested I take my Green Angel Products with me. I am hoping this should a good night. To see the complete range of Green Angel products see
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Sunday, 8 March 2009

CWF event & Green Angel Products

That's another fair over! Coventry Womens' Forum event at the Transport Museum.
I have only ever attended anything similar once before which was a holistic type event years ago. There they had something happening most of the day and the one thing that stands out in my mind was The Whirling Dirvishes. Have you ever seen them?
On Saturday they had some tpe of dancing or music going on most of the day. This was great in that the day didn't drag but it meant that visitors didn't come round the stalls. In the finish I took a days' pay so it could have been worse but I would have liked to have seen a bit more promotion of the stands. My main seller was Green Angel Body Smoother which is what I expected.

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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

"Oh what a beautiful morning...Just right to get your garden furniture ready for use.

The forecast has got it wrong. I thought we were in for it being cold and wet. Instead it has been a beautiful day so far. My wife and I spent the morning in the front garden. I wouldn't say it has got a bit overgrown but I filled our "garden waste"wheelie bin with the surplus having to go in with the general waste.

Another tip, talking of gardens and nice weather - Now is the time to start getting your garden furniture ready for use. Wood garden furniture can be cleaned and polished using Heritage Woodcare. Just prepare your cloth in the usual way and wipe. The build up caused by use and storage will be cleaned away, the furniture will be polished and ready for use. HOWEVER a word of caution - if your furniture has started to go silvery, do not use the polish without giving it a light sanding to remove the silver effect first, if the polish is used without the silvering being removed, your furniture will go black rather than being cleaned .

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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Can I use Heritage Leathercare on the wood arms of my suite?

Well, it is a miserable day today! I have done a bit of tidying in the garden - you can even see where I have been so things must have been in a mess!There is a lot more to be done so after the latest band of bad weather has passed I will have to get out and really get to grips - cutting back,mowing and perhaps even some bricklaying. We are thinking of having a family BBQ later this year to celebrate my 65th birthday so I have a deadline to work to.

I have had a query from a customer. She has a leather suite with wooden arms and wanted to know whether she can use Heritage Leathercare on the arms. The answer is yes. Heritage Leathercare makes an excellent wood treatment but does have to be buffed up after applying.Being colourless it will not affect the colour of your furnitures' finish.

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