Monday, 24 September 2012

Paston Crafts - Heat Reflecting Cushions. Use also for pets with arthritis

Now that the weather has turned colder it is, perhaps, time to take a look at some of the products made by Paston Crafts.

Paston Crafts is a family run business based in Coventry. They manufacture a range of heatwraps and warmers stuffed with wheat and aromatic herbs, as well as their relaxing eye masks and herbal cushions. For more about their hand crafted products visit

I thought I would start by looking at their Heat Reflecting / Self Heating Cushions. These work by using the body's own heat and are especially suitable where there is no access to a microwave, e.g. wheelchair, car, coach, caravan, etc. They can also be used at home. You can sit on them, use them as a back rest or a neck rest. They can also be put under coats or jumpers when going out in cold weather.

Another very good use is for pets. My cat suffers from arthritis and loves to lie where it is warm. Noticing this I decided  to put one of these cushions in her favourite spot which also happens to be next to a radiator. Now that I have put the heating on she rarely moves from this spot. Dogs also can benefit from these cushions. Just use them under their regular bedding.

Heat Reflecting Cushions or Self heating Cushions can be odtained online, Visit

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Heritage Woodcare and Heritage Leathercare

I have started a new series of posts reviewing Heritage Woodcare (see and Heritage Leathercare (see Both posts start from the beginning telling you about both products.

You can buy Heritage Woodcare and Heritage Leathercare online visit or

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Contact me, online, by post at The Technocentre, by phone. Order Heritage Woodcare and Heritage Leathercare

Well, summer ("summer" I hear you say "what summer?") is nearly over and you will want to do all the little jobs that you have put off, so I thought now will be a good opportunity to remind you of the details you need to know to contact me and to be able to place an order.
I can be contacted by email on

by post at :-
DCK Services
The Technocentre
Puma Way

by phone on 07967 139636 (office hours please)

All Heritage Polish, and Paston Craft products can be purchased by post as well as online. Simply send your order with payment (cash, cheque or bankers order, or postal order) to :-
DCK Services,
The Technocentre,
Puma Way,

Order Heritage Polishes online by visiting  For Paston Crafts you will need to visit

Web Orders I aim to post within 24 hours of receipt. Mail Orders may take up to 7 days for receipt and despatch. Holidays and sickness may mean orders take slightly longer to process and post.