Monday, 20 December 2010

How do I keep my new leather suite looking like new?

I was with a group of people the other day and, knowing that I sold product for leather, someone who was looking for help with caring for his leather suite, asked me about Heritage Leathercare. He had a new suite and was looking for help to keep it looking like new

Heritage Leathercare feeds, polishes and protects leather and leaves a water resistant finish It is also colourless so can be used on any colour. Another advantage of Heritage is that it will also clean most colours although white and similar pale colours may, need washing first. To do this, wash with pure soap (Simple Soap,Dreft, soap flakes, etc.) and dry thoroughly making sure your leather is totally dry before applying your Heritage.

Heritage Leathercare is very easy to use.Using the sponge provided, wipe it across the surface of the polish and remove any excess by wiping across the inside edge of the tub. Then apply to your leather by wiping very sparingly, in circular motions. On completion, your leather should not be greasy to the touch. If it is greasy, buff it up using a clean, dry and soft cloth.To keep your leather furniture in a supple condition and looking good it is recommended that you apply your Heritage Leathercare 3 or 4 times per year as a minimum.

Heritage Leathercare can be obtained online, visit

Friday, 17 December 2010

How do I buy Heritage Woodcare, Heritage Leathercare, Green Angel Skincare or Paston Crafts?

As we are approaching Christmas I thought it would be useful to go over the different ways that you can buy the range of products sold by DCK Services.The easiest method is to buy online. You can checkout and buy Heritage Woodcare from whilst Heritage Leathercare can be obtained from The Green Angel Skincare range can be checked out at or at The paston Crafts range can be checked out at

Should you prefer you can buy all products by post. Simply send your order and delivery address, with payment (cash, cheque or postal order) to :-
DCK Services,
The Technocentre,
Puma Way.

Online orders are usually processed amd posted within 24 to 48 hors of receipt, Mail orders usually take a little longer, up to 7 days. Illness or holidays can lead to some delays.

I can be contacted online, by post at the above address or by phone on 07967 139636

Wednesday, 15 December 2010,uk

I am proud to announce that Green Angel Skincare now has it's own website - Check it out for all the latest news about Green Angel products.

You will be able to buy your favourite items and take advantage of the many special offers.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

How do I clean my kitchen with the minimum of effort?

I was talking to an avid user of Heritage Woodcare a couple of days ago about all the different uses for it,- did you know that Heritage Woodcare is excellent at cleaning white kitchen goods, car bodywork and similar finishes? This person didn't even though they have been users for many years!

In your kitchen, there is no need to change products and cloths. Just prepare your cloth in the usual way i.e. give your bottle a really good shake, pour some polish into a container, take any clean, soft and dry cloth, soak it in the polish, squeeze and wring your cloth out till it is damp dry, then pour any remaining polish back into your bottle and you are now ready.

Using your Heritage Woodcare is very easy as all you do is wipe! On your wood wipe in the direction of the grain for best results but if your wood goes streaky it indicates more than one application is needed, otherwise there is no need to buff up!Continue to use the same cloth (if it is not too dirty) on your washing machine, dishwasher, etc.Heritage Woodcare is oil based so, in addition to cleaning your white goods, it leaves a protective finish.

For your car, wash in the usual way to remove grit, etc. that will scratch your bodywork, dry the car off (using a Super Shammy - contact us for details!) prepare your cloth as above and just wipe in circular motions ensuring you polish all the bodywork. The real benefit of using Heritage is that there is no need to buff up!

You can obtain Heritage Woodcare online, visit