Saturday, 26 January 2013

Keeping pets warm using Paston Crafts' Self Heating / Heat Retaining Cushions

Continuing my series about using Paston Crafts'  Self Heating / Heat Retaining Cushions, another use is to use them for your pets.I use one for my cat. She heads straight for it when she goes into the utility room at night. It is in front of the radiator so she is nice and warm at night. They are suitable for both cats and dogs but I recommend putting the cushion under a an old towel or something similar for dogs.

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Monday, 14 January 2013

Using Paston Craft's Self Heating / Heat Retaining Cushions to keep warm when using a wheelchair.

I am sure that, like us, you have had some snow accompanied by cold temperatures. This is when the Self Heating / Heat Retaining  Cushions by Paston Crafts hold their own. I told you about using them in the car in my last post. Another use it to put them under your jumper when you go out. They look a bit bulky buy do work and do keep your back warm.

They are also very good if you are in a wheelchair. I know from personal experience how cold they can get. Using two of them, one to sit on and one at your back really do help  to keep you warm.

Can you think of other uses that will help to keep you warm. Do let me know.

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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Self Heating / Heat Retaining Cushions by Paston Crafts

Well, it is all over now! Christmas is over. We are in to the New Year and it is no longer new. Even the mild spell is over and it is getting colder, so, as I say, it is all over now! Well, we can't do anything about Christmas and the New Year until December and 1st January 2014 but we can do something about the cold, or at least how it affects us.

Have you tried the Self Heating / Heat Retaining Cushions produced by Paston Crafts. They are absutely brilliant for keeping you warm. One thing I use them for is in my car. You know how cold the seats are first thing in the morning when the weather is cold and your windscreen is iced over - using one of these cushions to sit on really does make a difference.

There are so many other uses for these wonderful Heat Retaining Cushions I will tell you more in my next posts. In the meantime check it out and buy it at

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