Monday, 16 April 2012

Time to get busy with your Heritage Woodcare and Heritage Leathercare

Hi. I have been so busy recently with one thing and another. Have you? Like me are you busy spring cleaning? Or, are you taking advantage of some of the sunny breaks and off into the great outdoors? also like me, or, rather it would be, given the chance.

Anyway, back to the spring cleaning. I have been much involved in doing it recently as my wife has broken her ankle and is unable to do anything so it is all down to me. I been been busy with the Heritage Woodcare, dusting and cleaning. It has also been in evidence on my wooden parquet floors although they need doing again. Don't forget you can also use it when cleaning your car, caravan, boat, etc. Full instructions for use can be found at

I have also had my Heritage Leathercare out cleaning and polishing my two leather footstools. They look so much better after a bit of tlc. Again there are so many uses for your Heritage Leathercare - furniture, clothing, footware, car upholstery. etc. Full instructions for use can be found at

Both Heritage Woodcare and Heritage Leathcare can be bought online. For Heritage Woodcare visit For Heritage Leathercare, visit