Monday, 11 November 2013

Problems and customer care

What an array of weather we have had recently. Rain, high winds and dull most of the time, but then we get days like yesterday with a fair amount of sun. Still, we can't really moan. We don't get the extreme weather conditions that are experienced in some parts of the world. The current problems in the Philippines is just one example of these extremes of weather and here in the Midlands we even seem to escape the worst of the weather we do get! Well, now I have had my little gripe, I ought to get down to business. I am having some trouble with the website I don't know what the original cause was (my IT guy said it was because there was some conflict on the site due to the new international agreements on weights of liquids but I really don't know enough about computers and the web to be able to reconcile this) Anyway if I can ask my customers to temporarily use the other sites I have - for woodcare go to or for leathercare go to - this will enable you to answer any queries or to make your purchase. I assure all my customers I have asked my IT guy to look into the problems but I do know he is very busy at the moment. I also want to reassure you that I still take pride in offering the highest standards of customer care I can.