Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Technocentre, Puma Way, Coventry and contact details

Today I thought I will remind all my readers that all Heritage Polish, Green Angel Skincare and Paston Craft products can be purchased by post as well as online. Simply send your order with payment (cash, cheque or bankers order, or postal order) to :-
DCK Services,
The Technocentre,
Puma Way,

Web Orders I aim to post within 24 hours of receipt. Mail Orders may take up to 7 days for receipt and despatch. Holidays and sickness may mean orders take slightly longer to process.

If you have any queries, you can contact me either by email (jim@heritagepolish.com), post (Jim Reah at above address) or by phone (07967 139636 - office hours please)

Monday, 28 September 2009

What leather product is good for leather car seats and furniture?

Continuing my look at Heritage Leathercare, today I am going to tell you how to use it and where you can use it!

As I said yesterday, Heritage Leathercare is a traditional 19th century leather balsam containing traditional old fashioned ingredients. This makes it very easy to use. Simply take the sponge provided, load it by wiping over the surface of the balsam, take off any surplus by wiping on the edge of your container (such that the surplus remains inside the container) and then wipe over your leather. When you have finished, your leather should not be greasy. If it is, you have used too much and will need to buff up, otherwise it is safe to sit on. Being colourless, Heritage Leathercare can be used on any colour.
As Heritage Leathercare leaves a water resistant finish, it is ideal for use on leather car seats. It is also ideal for motor bike leathers (including gauntlets and boots) and, being colourless, is great for all types of leather footwear, (except for suede,nubuck and nappa leathers) Heritage Leathercare can also be used on leather furniture, leather jackets and other types types of clothing, handbags, in fact any leather product except for suede, nubuck and nappa leather.

Heritage Leathercare can be obtained online, visit www.heritagepolish.com/leather.html

Sunday, 27 September 2009

What polish is the best for leather?

Today I am going to have a look at Heritage Leathercare - also known as Celtic Leathercare.

Heritage (Celtic) Leathercare, like it's sister product Heritage Woodcare, is made by Drigate Products in their Dublin manufacturing facility.

It is a tradional 19th century leather balsam containing original old fashioned ingredients (including beeswax) well known in the trade for revitalising and protecting leather (and indeed the stitching) used in leathercraft. Various craftspeople, and many professionals connected with leather products, from vintage car enthusiasts through to showjumpers, from antique book restorers through to butlers employed in stately homes and palaces, testify to its' tried and tested formula.

The results obtained with Heritage Leathercare are instantaneous yet are long lasting, leaving old tired leather revitalised and more supple, giving newer leather products a shine and protection unsurpassed by modern polishes not containing our traditional ingredients. Heritage Leathercare is generally regarded as one of the most economical leather products on the market in this day and age.
Heritage (Celtic) Leathercare is available online, visit www.heritagepolish.com/leather.html

Friday, 25 September 2009

How can I use Heritage Woodcare, what can I use it on?

I said I was going to tell you how to use Heritage Woodcare. It is very easy to use!
Give your bottle a really good shake, pour some into a container, take any soft and clean cloth (a duster, piece of old tee shirt or sheeting, etc.), soak in your polish, squeeze and wring your cloth out till it is damp dry, pour any surplus polish back into your bottle and then just wipe.

Heritage Woodcare is ideal for use on wood floors (laminate and real wood), wood furniture, panneling, etc. , really any treated (varnished, painted, waxed, oiled, etc.) wood.
Heritage Woodcare removes the build-up of silicones, waxes, grease and grime and will also take off most white heat marks, ring marks and water marks. This makes it great for use in the kitchen and bathroom.
Although it is called Woodcare, your Heritage can be used on many other surfaces - hard plastics. marble, etc. In addition it can also be used on painted metal (car bodies, white kitchen goods, etc.)

Heritage Woodcare can be purchased online, visit www.heritagepolish.com/wood.html

Thursday, 24 September 2009

What is Heritage Woodcare?

In my last post I talked about the benefits of using Heritage (sometimes known as Celtic) Woodcare in the cleaning and restoration of wood in churches and offices. Heritage is also beneficial in many other areas - domestic, stately homes, hotels, restaurants, to name but a few.

Today I thought it might be useful to look at Heritage (Celtic) Woodcare in greater depth.

Manufactured by Drigate Products in their Dublin manufacturing facility, Heritage Woodcare is a twentyfirst century superior product based on a nineteenth century secret formula known, at that time, only to the grandmasters of the furniture crafts. The keen rivalry between these skilled craftsmen brought about a constant searching for absolute perfection in the preservation, cleaning and polishing of wooden furniture and many a priceless antique piece to be seen today gives testimony to the success of their skills.
In order to get the desired results, these craftsmen would spend hours, and sometimes days working on a single article. Few people, if any, in this busy modern world have the time, to say nothing of the patience, of the old masters, so, after much comprehensive research, helped by enlightened technology, the age-old formula has been updated and will now give the same outstanding results in a fraction of the time.

Tomorrow I will look at how you use Heritage Woodcare and where you can use it.

Heritage Woodcare is available online, visit www.heritagepolish.com/wood.html

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Can I use Heritage Woodcare to clean the wood in my Church?

Just before I went on holiday I was contacted by a local church who have been using Heritage Woodcare for some time to clean the wood in the building and now want a larger quantity to do a thorough clean. It is great to know my product is so appreciated.
This is the second time in recent months that I have supplied larger quantities of Heritage Woodcare for use in the cleaning of wood in churches.
Reminds me of when I was offered a contract to clean a solicitors office where the wood hadn't been cleaned for 20 years. On that occasion there were areas where I had to use "scotchbrite" soaked in Heritage in order to remove the buildup.

Heritage Woodcare removes the buildup of silicones, waxes, grease and grime. It will also take off most white heat marks, ring marks and water marks so is ideal for use in cleaning wood and bringing it back to life.

Heritage Woodcare can be obtained online, visit www.heritagepolish.com/wood.html

Monday, 21 September 2009

how can I recover from my Summer holiday

Are you, like me,feeling that ,now our summer holiday is a memory, it is going to be a "long" time before the next one, and boy, will I ready for it. (As I have still not got over this chest infection, I didn't benefit from being away!)

Have you tried Green Angel Seaweed Powder? The therapeutic benefits of Seaweed Powder are well known. Using the Seaweed Powder in your bath eases away the tensions of the day, relieves muscles and relaxes the body

I discussed the benefits of Green Angel Seaweed Powder in much greater detail in my blog of 21st February entitled "Why is seaweed good for my skin" I recommend you read it!

Green Angel Seaweed Powder is available online, visit www.heritagepolish.com/skin.html

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Coventry Festival of Motoring

Well, I exhibited at The CoventryFestival of Motoring last Sunday. I couldn't really see what was going on in the main area, but I could see many of the cars that took part in the run. What really upset me is that I can remember many of those vehicles actually being on the road. It made me feel old!
As far as I could see, and from talking to other exhibitors, it was a day of mixed fortunes with some exhibitors doing better than others. I suppose though that that can be said of every show, and depends on what is being sold and by whom. Myself, I set a reachable target and came close but I know some people did really bad whilst others had a reasonably good day.

As expected, my best seller was Heritage Leathercare - a lot of cars having leather upholstery. Heritage Leathercare is brilliant on leather car seats as it feeds. polishes. protects and leaves leather water resistant. It also cleans most colours. Best of all it is easy to use, and, being colourless, can be used on any colour.

Heritage Leathercare can be obtained online, visit www.heritagepolish.com/leather.html

This was the first show I have done for some months. Had I been on topline I may have had a more profitable day but I still have a chest infection, a parting gift from swine flu. I have been trying to sort myself out, but, take it from me, if you start to get the symptoms of swine flu, or any other flu, get help! I wish I had done so earlier.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Prepare your leather car seats ready for winter.

As we head towards winter, now is a good time to get the leather in your car ready.If it is white or cream you may need to clean it first - just wash it with pure soap and make sure it is thoroughly dry. There should be no need to clean other colours as your Heritage Leathercare cleans as it feeds, polishes and protects.

Load the sponge provide (or soft cloth if preferred), wipe the surplus off on the edge of your container, and then apply to your leather very sparingly. As long as your leather is not greasy,there is no need to buff up and you can sit on your seats immediately. If it is greasy, you will need to buff up first.

Heritage leathercare can be obtained online, visit www.heritagepolish.com/leather.html

Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Technocentre, Puma Way, Coventry

Today I thought it would be useful to remind my readers how you can obtain Heritage Polish and Green Angel Skincare products.

They can be obtained online, visit http://www.heritagepolish.com/ My aim is to post orders out within 24 - 48 hours of receipt of order. Whilst this is generally achieved, holidays / sickness etc. might mean a slight delay.

You can also purchase them by post - send order with payment (cash,cheque or bankers draft, postal order) to :-
DCK Services
The Technocentre
Puma Way
Mail orders can take up to 7 days for posting with sickness / holidays possibly incurring a slightly longer lead time.

If you have any queries you can reach me in three ways.
You can email me - jim@heritagepolish.com
You can send me a letter - Jim Reah at above address.
you can phone me (UK office hours please) 0044 (0) 7967 139636

Dont forget, all Heritage Polish and Green Angel Skincare products are available online, visit http://www.heritagepolish.com/

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Coventry Festival of Motoring

I will be exhibiting in the Craft Area at The Festival of Motoring this Sunday 5th September.

The Festival is a "fun packed weekend of entertainment and car runs celebrating Coventry's unique motoring heritage"
The Festival starts on Saturday with a parade of historic vehicles through Coventry City Centre and other events being held at Coventry's world famous Motor Museum continuing on the Sunday with over 550 historic vehicles taking part in the 60 mile Festival Run.

I will be exhibiting in the Craft Area at The Memorial Park, Leamington Rd. Coventry and will be open for business from 10.00am onwards. I hope to have my full range on display.

If you are unable to visit me at the Festival, you can get all the range online, visit http://www.heritagepolish.com/

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

How do I sort out my caravan / camper van ready for winter?

The last bank holiday of the year is over and the long awaited indian summer doesn't seem to be anywhere imminent [judging by the amount of rain we have had today] so many of us will be looking to lay up our caravans / camper vans for the winter.
Did you know that Heritage Woodcare is one of the best kept secrets when it comes to cleaning our 'vans? It is good for many surfaces in addition to wood! and is brilliant for use on laminates, hard plastics, vinyl, etc.

Heritage Woodcare is very easy to use. Give your bottle a good shake, pour some into a container, soak any clean soft cloth in the polish, Squeeze and wring your cloth out, pour the surplus polish back into your bottle and then just wipe.

Incidentally it is also very good on the bodywork of our 'vans. Obviously we will have washed it first to get off bird droppings, grit etc. and then when the bodywork is dry just wipe on the Heritage. It will clean any areas we missed, polish and best of all, doesn't need buffing up.

Heritage Woodcare is available online,visit www.heritagepolish.com/wood.html