Thursday, 31 March 2011

How do I keep my leather suite looking good?

Since I last posted I received a phone call from a couple who wanted help with caring for their leather suite. They asked me about Heritage Leathercare and was it suitable, mentioning in passing that their suite was new and they were looking for help to keep it looking like new. Heritage Leathercare (also known as Celtic Leathercare) feeds, polishes and protects leather and leaves a water resistant finish It is also colourless so can be used on any colour. Another advantage of Heritage is that it will also clean most colours although white and similar pale colours may, need washing first. To do this, wash with pure soap (Simple Soap,Dreft, soap flakes, etc.) and dry thoroughly making sure your leather is totally dry before applying your Heritage. Heritage Leathercare is very easy to use.Using the sponge provided, wipe it across the surface of the polish and remove any excess by wiping across the inside edge of the tub. Then apply to your leather by wiping very sparingly, in circular motions. On completion, your leather should not be greasy to the touch. If it is greasy, buff it up using a clean, dry and soft cloth.To keep your leather furniture in a supple condition and looking good it is recommended that you apply your Heritage Leathercare 3 or 4 times per year as a minimum. Heritage Leathercare can be obtained online, visit

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Have you tried Heritage Leathercare? Part 2

In my last post I introduced you to Heritage Leathercare. This is a great product that is so easy to use!

Heritage Leathercare feeds, polishes, protects leather leaving a water resistant finish and will also clean most colours. It is ideal for use on leather furniture, leather car seats and interiors, leather clothing (jackets, skirts, etc.), leather footwear (including leather fashion boots and football boots), leather cases (brief cases and suitcases) and handbags, etc., and being colouless, can be used on any colour. We DON'T recommend its use on suede, nubuck or nappa leathers.

Heritage Leathercare will clean most colours but for use on white and similar pale colours we do suggest washing first. This is best done with pure soap (baby soap, Simple Soap, soap flakes, Dreft, etc.) Use a clean, colourfast cloth that has been soaked in your soapy solution and squeezed out so it is not dripping wet. Wipe over your leather to remove grease and grime and then wipe off the soapy solution using a clean cloth . Make sure your leather is totally dry before using your Heritage Leathercare. As already stated, washing is only needed on white and similar pale colours

Using the sponge provided, wipe over the surface of your Heritage and remove any surplus by scaping your sponge on the inside edge of your tub. All you need do now is wipe in cicular motions making sure your leather is not left greasy. If it is. buff up using a soft, clean cloth, otherwise you do not need to do so. And that is it, job done!

You can buy Heritage Leathercare online, visit

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Have you tried Heritage Leathercare ?

Have you tried Heritage Leathercare (sometimes known as Celtic Leathercare)? Do you know how good it is ? Do you know that it is very easy to use? Do you know you can use it on your leather furniture, leather car seats and interiors, leather clothing and footwear, etc. ?

In this post I will tell you something about it.Made in their Dublin facility by Drigate Products, Heritage Leathercare is a traditional 19th century leather balsam containing original, old fashioned ingredients including beeswax. These are well known in the trade for protecting and revitalising the leather used in leathercraft (and indeed the stitching). Many craftspeople and professionals will vouch for its tried and tested formula.

The results obtained with Heritage Leathercare are instantaneous and long lasting. Whilst newer leather products benefit from a shine and protection unsurpassed by modern polishes not containing our ingredients older, tired leather is left revitalised and more supple.

Heritage Leathercare is generally regarded as one of the most economical on the market in this day and age.

You can obtain Heritage Leathercare online online, visit