Friday, 30 November 2012

Preparing for Christmas - using Heritage polish to clean and polish your wood floors

Well, I said I had a lot to say, having been absent for a few weeks, How are your wood floors? (nothing like being direct , is there?)  Are you ready for all those visitors you will get over Christmas?

To be truthful, I am not ready. I am hoping to be able to buckle down and get them done tomorrow (Saturday - I have to put that in as you know the old saying about tomorrow - it never comes!) So, bright and early tomorrow, when everyone else is in bed, I have promised myself that I will clean and polish my wood floors.

I have already done the hard work i.e. the preparation was done years ago, so all I have to do is sweep the floors and then mop them with Heritage Woodcare. The real hard work comes in moving all the furniture so that I can mop underneath. Having mopped, I then have to put all the furniture back!

In previous posts (e.g. see  which tells you how to remove black marks caused by bitumen i.e. the preparation) I have also told you how to use Heritage Woodcare - visit . The short cut I use on my floors, assuming the preparation has already been done, is to give my bottle a really good shake (as instructed by the manufacturer) pour a little on the floor, then take a squeegee mop (I keep one specially for my wood floors). move the mop around in the spill and then just mop till the whole floor has been done. As I say, the real hard work comes in moving the furniture!

Don't forget, you can buy Heritage Woodcare online, visit

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Paston Crafts - Microwavable Microwarm Heatwraps and Handwarmers.

It is some time since I last posted. That's what comes of being ill!

There is so much I need to say so I will have to make several posts. Winter is knocking on the door so to speak, so it is, perhaps, time to take a look at the products made by Paston Crafts. Probably their best seller are their Microwavable Microwarm Heatwraps. These are stuffed with wheat and aromatic herbs and can keep you warm even in the coldest of weathers as I know from personal experience, having used them to keep warm when demonstrating at outdoor shows in winter.

Microwarm Heatwraps are microwaved for up to 3 minutes, depending on the power of your microwave. The heat is retained for up to 1 - 1.5 hours. The warmed heatwrap is then applied to aches and pains and this gives gentle heat treatment which is drug free pain relief. You can also use the heatwrap if you are cold and need to warm yourself up. They can also be used in bed as a "hot water bottle" and are safer than the conventional hot water bottle as you don't have boiling water around and they won't leak. water into your bed. I can really recommend them for this as I suffer from really cold feet and having a heated Heatwrap in bed to put my feet on is absolutely brilliant.

Paston Crafts Hand-warmers use the same principles as Heatwraps but are smaller, being designed for to be held in your hands. Bascally they are mini Heatwraps! These are microwaved for only 30 seconds and will retain heat for up to 30 - 45 minutes, longer if you insulate them by putting them in your pockets or gloves. Suffering from arthritis as I do, I find that using a heated Handwarmer to exercise my hands is very beneficial. They are also ideal for drug free relief from toothache and ear ache.

Both products can be bought online, visit