Tuesday, 31 August 2010

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I thought it would be useful if I again went through the different ways of getting information about the various products avaiable, placing orders and contacting me.

There is now two websites which tell you about the available products :-
www.heritagepolish.com is still the main website with all the products
www.heritagewoodcare.co.uk is devoted to Heritage Woodcare

You can place an order on either site with paynent being made via Paypal which is very secure. Online orders are usually processed and posted within 24 hours. Should you prefer, you can send an order by post. Simply send your order, with delivery address and payment (cash, cheque or bankers draft) to :- DCK Services,
The Technocentre,
Puma Way,
Mail orders can take up to 7 days to process and post, Holidays and sickness can lead to some delays in processing orders, online and mail.

Should you wish to contact me. you can ring me on 07967 139636 (office hours please), email me at jim@heritagepolish.com or write to me at the above address

Saturday, 28 August 2010

How Green Angel Seaweed Powder gives help and relief from Cellulitis

Following my last post about Green Angel Seaweed Powder I was recently contacted by a customer asking about using it to "combat" the effects of cellulitis, so I thought it would be worthwhile to repeat the blog in which I looked at Cellulite in some depth and how using Green Angel Seaweed Powder gives some help and relief from this common problem.

According to Wikipaedia, "Cellulite describes a common paraphysiological cosmetic condition that is claimed to occur in most women, where the skin of the lower limbs, abdomen and pelvic region becomes dimpled. Cellulite is a description rather than a physical object" This is a condition then that affects many women who feel it disfigures their appearance.

The use of Green Angel Seaweed Powder, in the treatment of cellulite has been found to have some success.To use your Green Angel Seaweed Powder, mix one tablespoonful to a loose cream with boiling water. Cool and apply to desired area. Cover with clingfilm and then with a warm towel Leave for a maximum of 20 minutes. Shower with warm water and then with cool water. Drink plenty of cold water, up to 8 glasses per day. Use twice a week for a month.

Green Angel Seaweed Powder can be obtained online, visit www.heritagepolish.com/shop/green-angel/cat_5.html

Saturday, 21 August 2010

How do I deep clean my face?

To continue my series about Green Angel Seaweed Powder, in this post I am going to tell you about using it as a facial tonic.

Green Angel Seaweed Powder is not a topical application but a real treatment working on a deeper level, unclogging pores as it deep cleanses, stimulating circulation and leaving a healthy glowing skin and is recommended for acne and problem skins.

To make up your Facial Tonic mix one teaspoonful of your Green Angel Seaweed Powder to a loose paste with boiling water. Cool, and then apply to face and neck. Leave for 4 to 5 minutes and remove using cotton wool soaked in warm water. When you have removed all the paste, wash your face in clean tepid water only and pat dry, Apply a little Green Angel Daily Moisturiser Cream to get the bestt results.

Green Angel Seaweed Powder and Skincare products are available online, visit www.heritagepolish.com/shop/green-angel/cat_5.html
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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

How to use Green Angel Seaweed Powder as a bath tonic.

Having briefly introduced you to Green Angel products in my last post I will now tell you more about them. I will start with telling you about their Seaweed Powder. Green Angel Seaweed Powder is not only therapeutic on a physical level but also on a mental and emotional one too. In this post I am going to tell you about using it as a Bath Tonic.

Green Angel Seaweed Powder helps soothe and gently ease away the tensions of the day - the aching muscles, the irritability, the headaches and the insomnia, When tension and stress continue over a period of time, the nervous system may become exhausted and enthusiasm for living melts away. Green Angel Seaweed powder gives support to those suffering from anxiety, grief, shock, depression, exhaustion and also helps to relieve arthritic and rheumatic pain

To use your Green Angel Seaweed Powder, run your bath with hot water only, put 2 tablespoons of powder into the bath whilst the water is running, (do not allow the bath to get too full as you will later put cold water in), leave for 10 minutes for the seaweed to infuse into the bathwater, put in sufficient cold water to make the bath comfortable, rest and relax in the bath for at least 20 minutes to benefit from the therapeutic properties of the seaweed.Gently pat yourself dry with a soft bath towel.

Green Angel Seaweed powder is available online, visit www.heritagepolish.com/shop/green-angel/cat_5.html
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What makes seaweed good as a food and as an ingredient in Skincare products?

In this post, as a change of subject, I am going to take a closer look at the benefits of seaweed when used as an ingredient of skincare products . As all Green Angel Skincare products contain Seaweed I will also introduce you to them.

According to Wikipaedia seaweed is a loose term encompassing"macroscopic, multicellular, benthic marine algae" The ecologyof seaweeds is dominated by two specific requirements - seawater (or at least brackish water) and light. Generally they also need a firm anchorage point.Seaweed has a variety of uses for which it is either farmed or foraged from the wild.

As a food it is used extensively by coastal people being rich in calcium and magnesia and is used commercially because of its' gelatinous properties (in Wales it is combined with oats to make Lavabread). Medicinally it has many uses from wound healing and iodine to helping to cure many illnesses. Seaweeds are naturally rich in vitamins(A1,B1,B2,B6,C,E,K among others) and are an important source of up to 60 trace elements.

All this makes seaweed one of nature's natural forms of skincare with anti-ageing,stress-relieving and therapeutic properties.For hundreds of years, people on the west coast of Ireland have used natural seaweed baths to help ease tension and soothe the aches and pains of the day.Seaweed is totally natural and can remineralise and moisturise the skin. It can be used as a skin-tonic, also helping to combat cellulite.

Available in dry powder form, Green Angel 100% Wild Irish Seaweed Powder is available in 3 sizes - 100gram, 200gram and 600gram.All Green Angel Skincare products can be purchased on-line from www.heritagepolish.com/skin.html

Sunday, 15 August 2010


I have had a friend request on my Facebook account but I can't login. I have been round and round in a loop trying to reset my password. Is anyone else having that problem? or is it only me?

On a brighter note, haven't we had a lovely day today! This morning I managed to get 2 jobs done that have been outstanding. Having done the dishes, (no- this wasn't one of the jobs!) I washed the rug. I have been waiting for a day like today so that it dries. I then went out and finished mowing the lawn. I started this several days ago but had to leave it as we were taking our grandchildren out. Since then the weather has been so wet I have been unable to get out to finish it,

We then went out for lunch. It was very pleasant lunchtime, sitting outside in the sunshine and having a meal

Don't forget, Heritage Woodcare is online, check it out at www.heritagewoodcare.co.uk

Friday, 13 August 2010

How do I clean and rewax a wax jacket

Through my recent posts I have been telling you about Heritage Leathercare and how you can use it on leather furniture, clothing and footwear. In this post I intend to tell you how to use it to rewax a wax jacket.

Although Heritage Leathercare does have cleaning properties there are some instances where you may need to do a seperate clean (e.g. to remove bird droppings, etc.) In this instance I would suggest you "wash" these areas of the garment with pure soap. Make a solution of soap and water, dip in a soft, clean cloth, gently squeeze the cloth till you have taken most but not all the water out and wipe the areas you wish to clean. Make sure your coat is totally dry before going on to the next stage.

Having cleaned your jacket where necessary and having made sure it is totally dry, take your tub of Heritage Leathercare and the sponge (provided), wipe the sponge across the surface of the polish removing any surplus by wiping the loaded sponge across the inside edge of the tub. You then simply wipe the loaded sponge on your jacket in circular motions ensuring you do not leave the jacket greasy. Assuming your jacket is not greasy, when you have finished wiping, it is now ready for wear, clean, rewaxed and water resistant.

You can obtain Heritage leathercare online, visit www.heritagepolish.com/shop/heritage-leathercare/cat_4.html

Thursday, 12 August 2010

What is best to clean and condition Leather Jackets and Boots

Continuing my theme about Heritage Leathercare and how to use it on leather furniture, etc. in this post I intend to tell you about some other uses for it, in particular clothing and footwear.

Heritage Leathercare is ideal for use on clothing, particularly Motor Bike Leathers, Skirts, Jackets, etc. and as it is colourless, it can be used on any colour. On white or a similar light colours, you may need to clean it first. Simply wipe over with a soapy cloth, paying special attention to areas where there is a buildup of marks. Ensure your leather is totally dry and you are then ready. On darker colours your Heritage will slso clean.

Take your sponge (provided) and wipe over the surface of your Heritage Leathercare, removing any surplus by wiping on the inside edge of your container. You then simply wipe over your leather in circular motions, ensuring your leather is not greasy, if it is then just buff up using a clean and dry soft cloth.Heritage Leathercare feeds, polishes,and protects your leather, leaving a water resistant finish.

Heritage Leathercare is also ideal for boots and shoes. As stated your Heritage will clean and polish your leather boots and shoes at the same time, keeping them soft and water resistant It's ease of use makes it especially suitable for motor bike boots and knee length leather fashion boots.

Note: Heritage Leathercare is NOT recommended for use on suede, nubuck or nappa leathers.

You can obtain Heritage Leathercare online, visit www.heritagepolish.com/shop/heritage-leathercare/cat_4.html
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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Heritage Leathercare

In my last post I told you about Heritage Leathercare (sometimes known as Celtic Leathercare) and how good it is on your leather suites., I thought I ought to follow this up by telling you something about it.

Made in their Dublin facility by Drigate Products, Heritage Leathercare is a traditional 19th century leather balsam containing original, old fashioned ingredients including beeswax. These are well known in the trade for protecting and revitalising the leather used in leathercraft (and indeed the stitching). Many craftspeople and professionals will vouch for its tried and tested formula.

The results obtained with Heritage Leathercare are instantaneous and long lasting. Whilst newer leather products benefit from a shine and protection unsurpassed by modern polishes not containing our ingredients older, tired leather is left revitalised and more supple.

Heritage Leathercare is generally regarded as one of the most economical on the market in this day and age.

You can obtain Heritage Leathercare online online, visit www.heritagepolish.com/shop/heritage-leathercare/cat_4.html

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

How to keep your leather suite looking great.

I have received some queries from people looking for help with caring for their leather suites. Most of them seem to have new suites and had checked out my website looking for help to keep them looking like new.

Heritage Leathercare feeds, polishes and protects leather and leaves a water resistant finish It is also colourless so can be used on any colour. Another advantage of Heritage is that it will also clean most colours although white and similar pale colours may, need washing first. To do this, wash with pure soap (Simple Soap,Dreft, soap flakes, etc.) and dry thoroughly making sure your leather is totally dry before applying your Heritage.

Heritage Leathercare is very easy to use.Using the sponge provided, wipe it across the surface of the polish and remove any excess by wiping across the inside edge of the tub. Then apply to your leather by wiping very sparingly, in circular motions. On completion, your leather should not be greasy to the touch. If it is greasy, buff it up using a clean, dry and soft cloth.

To keep your leather furniture in a supple condition and looking good it is recommended that you apply your Heritage Leathercare 3 or 4 times per year as a minimum.

Heritage Leathercare can be obtained online, visit www.heritagepolish.com/shop/heritage-leathercare/cat_4.html

Coventry Phoenix Lions Club

Last Saturday, The Coventry Phoenix Lions Club had a book stall at the Donkey Derby put on by our colleagues in Coventry Leofric Lions Club. It is so long since I last did a stand at one of these type events, I had forgotten just what hard work they were.

Two other members and myself set up. We had bought a gazebo as we anticipate doing more of this type of activity and, as it happened, we were very glad of it as it rained several times during the day.

Looking on the day from a publicity point of view, we could possibly say it was successful as we did get our name better known both among our colleagues from other clubs and with the generasl public. However, looking at it from a fund raising point of view, it could have been more successful.

I arrived home damp and tired and a little despondent.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

It is nice to be appreciated

I have received a couple of emails recently from customers commenting on my service and how much they appreciate the service I provide. To me, it makes sense to offer the best service I can, to give advice and help where I can. It also makes good business sense as customers who have had a good experience will be more likely to buy again from me when they run out.

It is nice to be appreciated.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

How do I remove bitumen from parquet floors?

I get more enquiries about removing bitumen than anything else. I had this problem myself. I had taken up my hall carpet intending to replace it only to find a wonderful parquet floor.

As the carpet had been down for many years, the floor was very dirty. I could also see many black marks between the tiles and knowing that bitumen was used as a glue, I realised that was what had made the marks.

My first job was to sweep the floor. This was also my second and third jobs as well, trying to get up all the dust. This done. I got down on my hands and knees (which I could in those days and with my physio's help, I hope to be able to do so again) and using Scotchbrite (a plastic non-scratch scourer) soaked in Heritage Woodcare, I scrubbed the floor. This brought up the floor beautifully and I was pleased to note all the black marks (and spots of paint near the skirting boards) had gone

All I do now (the agreement with my wife is that I do all the maintenance) is spill a bit of Heritage Woodcare on the floor, having thoroughly shaken the bottle first, and using a squeegee mop, kept specially for my floor, I move it round in the polish until it has soaked it all up and mop the floor. I then need to leave the floor for 15 minutes to dry and it is then safe to walk on. this needs doing about once per month.

You can buy Heritage Woodcare online, visit www.heritagewoodcare.co.uk/buy-woodcare

Coventry Phoenix Lions Club

Our Lions Club. The Coventry Phoenix Lions Club is having a stand at the Donkey Derby this Saturday. The Donkey Derby event takes place on The Memorial Park in Coventry and is hosted by our colleagues from The Leofric Lions Club. Although I have lived in Coventry for 30 years, I have never been to it as I have usually been working so it will be interesting to see what happens.

The stand we are having is books and bric a brack. We have got some great books as all the club members are searching their bookshelves and I was given 150 Readers Digest books from Freecycle. As I said we will also have some bric a brack.

If you visit the Donkey Derby, do visit our stand and buy some books, etc. All profits are going to Lions Charities. You will find us near the Beer and Tea Tents.

By the way, don't forget you can buy Heritage Polishes online, visit www.heritagepolish.com

Monday, 2 August 2010

Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher

I have just finished reading a delightful and engrossing book called ''Winter Solstice'' by Rosamunde Pilcher. The story is about an elderly couple who find happiness out of tragedy and spread this happiness around. Summed up like this, the story doesn't sound much but it is truly engrossing and well worth reading. There is no bad language, no violence, no criminal activity, just charm, an engrossing read, and a study of humanity and family life

If you haven't read it, I can thoroughly recommend it.

Incidentally, don't forget you can buy Heritage Polishes, Green Angel Skincare products and Paston Crafts hand crafted goods online, visit http://www.heritagepolish.com/