Monday, 31 August 2009

What is good for leather?

I thought I would take a closer look at Heritage Leathercare today. Heritage Leathercare (sometimes branded as Celtic Leathercare) cleans,feeds,polishes and protects leather. It will also leave a water resistant finish! It is colourless so can be used on any colour. Best of all. it is very easy to use - basically, having loaded the sponge that is provided, wipe off any surplus on the side of the container and then wipe on your leather, making sure your leather is not left greasy.

Heritage Leathercare has many uses being ideal for leather furniture, car seats, boots and shoes, handbags, briefcases and suitcases, clothing (including motor cycle leathers),gloves and gauntlets, saddlery, bookbinding, etc.

Being so easy to use, it is ideal for use in the hospitality industry (pubs,clubs,hotels,etc.), care industry (care homes, etc), stately homes, etc. as well as in the domestic setting. It is also ideal for use in stables.

Heritage Leathercare can be obtined online, visit Alternately,you can get it by post, send order with payment (cash, cheque or bankers draught, or postal order) to :-
DCK Services
The Technocentre
Puma Way

I am feeling better today although I still have a cough and noisy breathing, thankyou for asking. And wasn't the result of The Ashes contest great. Now, all England needs to do is learn how to hang on to them in Australia!

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Swine flu!

I thought a word of explanation as to why recent posts have not been up to standard and frequency has been low - I am suffering from swine flu. It hasn't been very comfortable to say the least (cough,cough,sniffle,etc.)

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

How can I clean the vinyl in my car

Yesterday, I gave a very brief mention to some other products that can benefit from the use of Heritage Woodcare.One product I didn.t mention is vinyl. Heritage Woodcare cleans vinyl and brings a shine to it. This makes it excellent for use in cars, cleaning vinyl seats, dashboards, etc. and, if you have one , don't forget the roof.
You can also use your Heritage on the bodywork of your car!
Heritage Woodcare can be obtained online, visit

So, you have been outside ,working on your car, cleaning, etc. You come in, wash your hands and notice how they will benefit from the use of a really good handcream. There is nothing better than Green Angel Hand Cream+. Green Angel Hand Cream+ is a vitamin E enriched cream containing a rich blend of neroli, mandarin,lavender and seaweed which protects and nourishes the skin. Used daily your hands will really benefit.
Green Angel Hand Cream+ can be obtained online, visit

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

What cleans marble?

Did you know you can use Heritage woodcare on marble, hard plastics, etc. in addition to wood? my tip then, for this week is to use your Heritage to clean these surfaces. When dusting, for instance, using Heritage Woodcare means you can clean and polish your wood and also carry on to dust your television, marble fireplace, computer,etc. as well.

Heritage Woodcare can be obtained online, visit

Thursday, 20 August 2009

How do I look after a leather suite with wood arms/

I had an email yesterday from a customer asking for advice on how to look after a leather suite with wood arms. After asking, he told me that it was dark red and the arms appeared to be one of the hardwoods. I was pleased to be able to tell him that the only product he needed was Heritage (also known as "Celtic") Leathercare.

As his suite was dark red, Heritage Leathercare will clean, polish and feed the leather all in one. Using the sponge provided (or a soft cloth if preferred), dip into the container and then just wipe on your leather. Use it very sparingly, the leather should not be greasy after finishing - if it is the suite will need buffing up. Whilst polishing the leather, continue over the wood parts of the furniture although these areas will need buffing up.

Heritage Leathercare can be obtained online, visit

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

what removes bitumen from cement floors?

A few days ago I had an email from a customer asking me if Heritage Woodcare will remove bitumen from a cement floor. I replied to him that whilst I would love to promote my own product, and given time I am sure it would, I felt a quicker way would be achieved by using a solvent. There are dangers of course in the use of solvents (do not smoke or have a naked flame, do ensure there is adequate ventillation) and these I pointed out. I also felt the floor could be discoloured. I felt also that I had to point out that I had no expertise in this area.
If you read this, do let me know if my advice worked - preferably by posting a comment that I can publish.

Heritage Woodcare does have many benefits (cleans and polishes in one, removes heat marks ring marks, water marks). It can be ordered online, visit

Monday, 17 August 2009

What soaks up water?

I have a problem with my fridge. Really it is a design fault - the auto defrost function keeps the fridge nicely defrosted but the water does not drain away and gathers in the bottom of the fridge. My wife keeps one of my giant shammies under the salad drawers to soak up the water but if I (or we!) don't keep this well rung out water starts to accumulate.

These giant shammies are wonderful. They soak up many times their own weight in water so are invaluable when it comes to jobs like washing the car or windows, drying pets, etc. as well as soaking up the water in my fridge and they don't split if they dry out. Also, when they get dirty, just wash them out and then put them in the washing machine.

Unfortunately these are not yet available online. They can, however be ordered by post. Send order (pack of three for just £4.50) plus payment (cash, cheque or postal order) to :-
The Technocentre
Puma Way
Orders from outside the UK cost extra to post and this does have to be passed on.

For all Heritage Polish and Green Angel Skincare products visit

Saturday, 15 August 2009

What helps me to relax in my bath

Having talked about seaweed yesterday I am going to tell you about Green Angel 100% Wild Irish Seaweed Powder today.

For hundreds of years people on the west coast of Ireland have used natural seaweed baths to help ease tension and soothe the aches and pains of the day.
Sea plants contain a rich array of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids all of which are vital to the effective treatment and preservation of healthy skin and body
seaweed is totally naturaland can remineralize and moisturise the skin due to the presence of mucilage's and other natural elements.

Green Angel Seaweed Powder can be used for 4 different applications
Bath Tonic
Helps soothe and gently ease away the tensions of the day, relieves muscles, relaxes the body
Facial Tonic
Green Angel Seaweed Powder is not just a topical application, but a real treatment which works on a deeper level. It unclogs poresas it deep cleanses and stimulates circulation, leaving a healthy, glowing skin.
Foot Tonic
For relief from hot,swollen feet. It is soothing, therapeutic and benefits circlation.
Cellulite wrap/Health Spa treatment
For help and relief with this common problem.

Green Angel Wild Irish Seaweed Powder can be bought online, visit

Friday, 14 August 2009

I have been reading a great deal recently about "toxic" seaweed in many parts of the world. It appears that seaweed is being washed up,not being cleared, and then develops many unpleasant qualities,
I thought I needed to reassure readers of this blog, and users of Green Angel products that this problem does not affect the seaweed we use. All seaweed used in Green Angel Skincare products is hand harvested off the west coast of Ireland where the sea is still clean and not polluted

All Green Angel Skincare products can be purchased online, visit

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

How often should I use Heritage Leathercare on my saddlery?

It is late at night (past my bedtime really...yawn!) and I decided to check my emails before turning in.

A customer has emailed me to say she bought Heritage Leathercare to use on her saddle and bridle and asking how often she should use it.

There isn't any set number of times to use Heritage Leathcare. It is really a question of how often you want to. Riding boots for example are cleaned every time they are used and incidentally Heritage Leathercare is recommended for use on them. Furniture, which gets a different type of wear, need only have Heritage applied 3 - 4times per year.To keep saddles,bridles, etc in excellent condition they really do not need polishing more than once per month.
Having said that, I personally do not ride so do not know how often riders polish their equipment. Heritage Leathercare cannot be used too often, the more it is used the better it looks after the leather.

I feel I do need to add a word of caution having spoken to other riders - do use Heritage Leathercare very sparingly. Saddlery should not be greasy after polishing! If it is, too much has been used and it will require buffing up.

Heritage Leathercare can be obtained online, visit

Monday, 10 August 2009

How do I look after my leather? How do I use Heritage Leathercare?what can I use it on?

I have had a commemt from a reader re my blog of 6th August titled "how do I use Heritage Woodcare, what can I use it on" to say thankyou for the blog, it was just what they were looking for. It is great to know that not only are people reading my blog but my blogs are helpful.
Thankyou Rayhan for reading my blog and letting me know it was of benefit.

Well, I will continue my blog of yesterday looking at Heritage Leathercare. Incidentally, did you know this is sometimes branded as "Celtic" Leathercare. Heritage Leathercare and Celtic Leathercare are the the same.

It is easy to use Heritage Leathercare.
If your leather is white,cream, etc you may need to wash it. If you do, use pure soap (Simple Soap,baby soap, soap flakes, Dreft) etc. Having washed it make sure it is totally dry, then apply your leathercare. On other, darker colours Heritage Leathercare will clean your leather as well as feed and nourish it..
Using the sponge supplied, or a clean,soft cloth if that is preferred, apply your Heritage Leathercare very sparingly, if your leather is greasy after applying, you have used too much and will need to buff it up. And that is all you do.

Heritage Leathercare can be used on any leather product (except for suede,nubuck or nappa leather) and being colourless, can be used on any colour. It is highly recommended for footwear (especially fashion boots), clothing furniture, car seats, bags, etc. It is also excellent on wood, patent leather,etc but will need buffing up.

Heritage Leathercare can be obtained online, visit

Sunday, 9 August 2009

How do I look after my leather? what is Heritage Leathercare?

It has been a glorious day and I managed to get around to mowing my back lawn.My grandsons and the family dog have gone back to their home. Peace reigns at my home but we will miss the boys.
The Australian cricket team decided to give the England team a lesson on how to play cricket.

I have recently been discussing Heritage Woodcare so today I am going to have a look at Heritage Leathercare.

Leather is a natural material, developed through the treatment of animal (mainly cattle) hide (skin). This treatment, known as tanning, changes the hide into a strong, long lasting,material with many uses - footwear, clothing, seating, bags etc. Depending on the tanning process and which part of the hide is used, will determine what type of leather is produced - suede, nubuck etc. I am going to discuss the leather commonly used and usually referred to just as leather. Dying or "painting" on a colour obviously produces leather of different colours.
To keep leather in good condition, supple and of a strong colour requires regular cleaning and feeding especially if it is in high temperatures or strong sunlight.

Heritage Leathercare is a traditional 19th century leather balsam containing many original old fashioned ingredients ( including beeswax), well known in the trade for revitalising and protecting leather (including the stitching). Various craftspeople and many professionals - vintage car enthusiasts, show jumpers,antique book restorers, butlers employed in stately homes,etc. - testify to its tried and tested formula.
The results obtained with Heritage Leathercare are instantanious yet long lasting, leaving old tired leather revalised and giving newer leather products a shine and protection unsurpassed by many modern polishes.
Heritage Leathercare is generally regarded as one of the most ecomical leather care products on the market.

Tomorrow I will tell you how to use it and what you can (and cannot) use it on.

Heritage Leathercare can be obtained online, visit

Thursday, 6 August 2009

how do I use Heritage Woodcare, what can I use it on?

Today is bright and sunny. Isn't it amazing what a difference sunshine makes! Everywhere looks brighter and more cheerful. Enough about the weather, today I am going to tell you how to use Heritage Woodcare (also known as Celtic Woodcare).

It is very easy. Give your bottle a really good shake, pour some into a container, soak any soft and clean cloth in the polish,squeeze and wring your cloth out until it is only damp, pour any surplus polish in the container back into your bottle and then wipe, going with the grain. It is as easy as that.

Heritage Woodcare is ideal for use on wood floors, wood furniture, in the kitchen (to remove grease and grime), in fact anywhere where you have treated (painted,varnished,waxed,oiled or polished) wood. Heritage Woodcare can also be used on hard plastic (tv's etc.), painted surfaces (white goods, car body, etc), marble, in addition to wood.

The polish will also remove most white heat, water and ring marks. Wipe over the whole surface of your furniture, just as if you are dusting. Do this 2 or 3 times a week for 2 or 3 weeks and you should see some movement in those marks.

Heritage Woodcare can be obtained on line, visit

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

What can I use to polish my wooden furniture?

Well, isn't it a miserable day. I am sitting in front of my computer, it is raining outside, my wife is out and my grandsons are playing with their Xbox and it is very quiet.
I am currently having a problem with my webmail. I am unable to log on to my info@ and jim@ pages so if anyone is wondering why I haven't replied to my mail, that is the reason. No matter what I try it isn't working so please bear with me.

A few days ago I mentioned about using Heritage Woodcare on my parquet floors. I thought today may be a good time to tell you about Heritage Woodcare.
It is based on a nineteenth century recipe - a period when skilled craftsmen would be able to spend time preserving,cleaning and polishing wooden furniture, a time when they would be able to take pride in their work.This recipe has now been updated to cope with twentfirst century materials and working practices to give the same outstanding results in a fraction of the time.

Heritage Woodcare gives excellent results on wood floors,furniture and in the kitchen.

Heritage Woodcare can be obtained online. visit
You can also buy it by post, just send order with payment (chequ,cash or postal order) to :-
DCK Services
The Technocentre
Puma Way

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Technocentre, Puma Way, Coventry

I have now changed my address, butI haven't changed the level of service.
All Heritage Polish and Green Angel Skincare products can be bought by post, Send order and payment (cash, cheque or postal order) to :-
The Technocentre
Puma Way
Mail Orders can take up to 7 days to process and post with holidays/sickness etc possibly incurring slightly longer processing periods.

Additionally you can get them online. Visit My aim is to process and post all orders within 24 hours although holidays/sickness etc may incur delays.

I can be reached by phone (07967 139636) during office hours

Monday, 3 August 2009

How can I clean my neglected football boots?

The cricket grinds on and it appears that England are squandering the few chances of victory, so this match will end in a draw. Mind you, as long as they remain one up they will clinch the series.

Talking of sport reminds me that Heritage Leathercare is excellent for use on neglected football and other leather boots. My tip for this week then is to use Heritage Leathercare to bring your boots back to life.Use a stiff brush to take off dried on mud - do not use a wire brush, these are too harsh. Use an old tooth brush or something similar to work at stubborn areas Having removed all the dried on mud, wipe the boots with a cloth to remove dust and then apply your Heritage Leathercare. Leave it to soak in. If your boots have become hard, intensive use of Heritage Leathercare will help to soften them.

Heritage Leathercare is excellent for use on all leather footwear and being colourless it can be used on any colour. It is also excellent for use on patent leather but will need to be buffed up.

Heritage leathercare can be obtained online - visit

Note my change of address :-
The Technocentre
Puma Way