Tuesday, 20 March 2012

THE STOOP: A Big Leather Couch, A Sun Personal Computer, a Fire Extinguisher and an Old Hot Plate

Browsing on the web today I came across quite an interesting story from a website calling itself Park Slope Patch. After some investigation I have concluded that Park Slope is an area of Brooklyn which is itself an area of New York. Anyway, the story is about what residents of Park Slope leave in their Stoops (I am assuming that what we in the UK call a porch, residents of Park Slope call a stoop) Apparently the haul in the story included a big leather couch, a Sun PC, a fire extinguisher and an old hotplate.

Whilst the other items looked quite interesting, it was the couch that attracted my attention. I quote "The leather couch was the best, most comfy and cozy find. It was a smooth, nut brown in color and in perfect condition. I took a seat and it was worthy of taking home—but my “affordable” one bedroom apartment in Park Slope simply does not have the shear girth to fit this beauty." and the picture bore this out. for more on this story go to http://parkslope.patch.com/articles/the-stoop-a-big-leather-couch#photo-9351345

Although the couch looked to be in good nick, I feel sure it would respond well to being treated with Heritage Leathercare Heritage Leathercare can be bought online, visit http://heritagepolish.com./shop/heritage-leathercare/cat_4.html

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Microwarm Heatwraps - what they are, how and where to use them etc.

I have had a query about Microwarm Heatwraps - what they are, how and where to use them etc.

Containing wheat, and available in lavender and herbal mix fragrances or unfragranced, our heatwraps can be used either hot or cold for the relief of pain and, (heated), to keep warm or (frozen), to keep cool. Simply pop into the microwave for up to three minutes (depending on the power of your microwave) or (wrapped) in the freezer for three hours and apply to the affected area for deep and soothing relief. They can also be used to keep warm or cool as appropriate. Full instructions are enclosed with each heatwrap

I use one myself for the relief of arthritic pain and to relieve back problems. I have also used them to keep warm when I was exhibiting at outdoor shows. Indeed, at many of these events my demonstrators were being used by other exhibitors or if they had their own they were then heated in my microwave. I was also told by an aquaintance who was the manager of a shopping complex in London that in the summer she kept hers in the freezer and when she came in from work she would kick her shoes off, lay the frozen heatwrap on the floor and rest her feet on it. "it was absolute bliss" was how she described it.

Note - Caution should be exercised with hot products. Not suitable for children under three years of age; older children should only use with adult supervision.

Microwarm Heatwraps are available online, visit http://www.heritagepolish.com/shop/paston-crafts/cat_3.html

Saturday, 3 March 2012

The benefits of Interior Design

We have just returned from a short break in N.Wales. We had a great time, made more special because a friend whom we haven't seen for years lives only a few miles up the road from where we stayed. When we phoned him and told him what we were up to, his first comment was to ask us to dinner that night!.

We were staying not far from Prestatyn and there is a shopping outlet there. Fellas, we know what that means, don't we! We left with bulging shopping bags and lighter wallets. My wife was happier though as she now has an outfit for the wedding we are going to later this year. We also visited Swallow Falls at Betws-y-coed. It was a great day with bright sunshine. Did you know, there are 109 steps from the top to the bottom (and, of course 109 bigger, wider, deeper steps back to the top!)

There was only one real problem during the few days we were away. That was the accomodation. The bed was a very small double and the seating in the lounge was the most uncomfortable I have come across.The owners of the proprty we were staying in told us they had only just bought it and were slowly renovating it. They showed us an area that had been renovated and, although it was cleaner and brighter, much of what I felt about the part where we were still applied.The owners could really have benefitted from the services of an interior design expert such as Jane Yates from Sweet Lime Interior Design. Jane would have listened to what both the owners and customers had to say before coming up with her recommendations and that is what the property needs.

Jane really knows her subject and has helped many people in both commercial and domestic settings. Check out her website at www.sweetlimedesign.co.uk She tells you about herself and gives examples of what she has done with testimonials from satisfied clients. Her website also incorporates her blog which explains lots more about Interior Design giving lots of examples. Check out the website - it's well worth it.