Saturday, 6 February 2010

Heritage Woodcare,what it is and does. Remove white heat marks,ring marks, water marks

What a miserable day it is here, cloudy, overcast and generally unwelcoming, but it could be worse, at least it is not bitterly cold and raining. Enough of my moaning.

In my last post I told you how to remove bitumen from wood floors using Heritage Woodcare. Having mentioned Heritage, I thought I would tell you something about it, how to use it and what it does. In this post I am going to tell you about it and how to use it and in the following posts I will tell you (in some detail) where to use it and what it does.

Heritage Woodcare is an up to date product based on a tried and tested recipe that is centuries old and was known only by the grand masters of the furniture crafts. This constant striving for perfection in the preservation,cleaning and polishing of wooden furniture between rival grandmasters can still be seen today when looking at many priceless antiques and, in order, to get the desired results, these grandmasters would spend hours, sometimes days, working on a single item.

Few people today have the time, or the patience, of these grandmasters, so after much research, and backed up by modern technology, this centuries old recipe has been updated to produce Heritage Woodcare. which gives the same outstanding results in a fraction of the time

Heritage Woodcare is very easy to use. Take your bottle, give it a really good shake and pour some into a container. Take any soft, clean cloth, soak it in the polish, squeeze and wring your cloth out and then pour the polish remaining in your container back into your bottle. You are now ready!

To clean and polish your furniture you simply wipe, following the grain of the wood. Heritage Woodcare cleans and polishes your furniture at the same time, taking off the build-up of silicones,waxes,grease and grime restoring your furniture back to its original finish. Heavy build-ups of grease and grime may require more than one application. At the same time it will also renove most white heat marks, ring marks and water marks although again, more than one application may be needed.

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