Friday, 20 May 2011

My Heritage Woodcare is discoloured / Can I use Heritage on outdoor teak furniture?

I have had a couple of interesting questions posed to me recently. The first one came from a customer whose Heritage Woodcare appears to be discoloured. She wanted to know if this was OK. When using coloured cloths, the colour will often bleed into the polish. This is especially so when using yellow dusters. It is not harmful and doesn't affect the functioning of the polish. Do not, however, pour dirty polish back into your container as it will contaminate the rest of the polish. Don't throw your polish away though, keep it for use on floors, etc,

The second question came from a customer who wanted to know about using the polish on outdoor teak furniture. Teak needs regular oiling to keep it in tiptop condition. As Heritage is oil based it is, therefore, recommended for use on teak. However, do not use it on Teak that has weathered and gone silvery as your teak will go black. If your teak has weathered, it is recommended that the surface be sanded first to remove the silvery finish before applying your Heritage.

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