Friday, 27 September 2013

Keeping warm and getting drug free pain relief with Microwarm Heatwraps

Isn't it a lovely morning. It is a bit cloudy but the sun is there, somewhere.The warm temperatures are still continuing although it does get chilly in the evenings. That brings me to what I wanted to tell you about. How do I KEEP WARM AND GET RELIEF FROM PAIN? Sometimes caring for yourself goes more than skin deep and the weather turning a bit colder doesn't help. MICROWARM HEATWRAPS made by Paston Crafts can take care of those deeper aches and pains. At DCK Services we stock the full range of their Heatwraps and Handwarmers that are stuffed with wheat and aromatic herbs. We also stock their range of relaxing Eye Masks and Herbal Cushions. MICROWARM HEATWRAPS They contain English wheat and are available unfragranced or with either lavender or a mix of aromatic herbs. They can be used hot or cold for the relief of pain as both heat and cold can give drug free pain relief. To use hot simply pop into the microwave for up to two minutes (depends on wattage) or to use cold put into a sealable plastic container or bag and leave in the freezer for up to three hours. Either way you just apply to the affected area for deep and soothing relief. I can RECOMMEND THESE from personal experience. They do work! I have gained relief from pain, particularly backache, by using the Heatwraps and, at shows, have had many people extolling their virtues. I have also used them to keep myself warm when doing outdoor shows. Additionally I regularly take one to bed as my feet get very cold and stop me getting to sleep. They really are good! They are available online, visit

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