Monday, 26 April 2010

How do I remove bitumen from leather

Seeing my post about removing bitumen from wood flooring, someone contacted me to ask about removing bitumen from leather.

I was demonstrating Heritage Woodcare at a show a while ago and someone told me about his experiences.Apparently he had not long bought a brand new Jaguar car with cream leather upholstery. He was driving this car and went through an area where the road had recently been resurfaced. Somehow a piece of grit covered in tar (bitumen) became trapped between his trousers and the car seat covering both in tar. He went on to say that the trousers were ruined but he had rescued the leather seat by wiping it over with Heritage Woodcare. I thanked him for the information but advised him to wash that particular seat with pure soap and then condition it with Heritage Leathercare.

So, to answer the query about removing bitumen from leather, wipe the leather with a cloth prepared with Heritage Woodcare (see my previous post for instructions on how to prepare your cloth), wash your leather with pure soap (Simple Soap, baby soap, soap flakes, Dreft, etc.), make sure your leather is totally dry, then condition with Heritage Leathercare.

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