Saturday, 24 April 2010

How to clean and polish in your Kitchen using Heritage Woodcare.

Through my recent posts I have told you about Heritage Woodcare and how to use it to remove remove bitumen from wood flooring. Heritage Woodcare (sometimes known as Celtic Woodcare) does have many other uses and one of the best is in the kitchen.

Prepare your cloth in the usual way (i.e. shake your bottle thoroughly, pour some into a container, soak any clean,dry and soft cloth in your polish, squeeze and wring your cloth out till it is damp dry, return any surplus polish to your bottle and you are ready). Use it to clean and polish all the wood surfaces - work surfaces, cupboard doors, skirting boards, etc. Where you have water marks e.g. steam from the kettle, you may have to have more than one application to remove them.

Cleaning including removing grease from your cooker hood is another area in your kitchen where Heritage Woodcare comes into its own. If you have a buildup of dried on grease on your cooker hood,when preparing your cloth do not wring it out just squeeze it and wipe over your hood last thing at night. The oils in your Heritage will penetrate the grease and after about a week you will just wipe it off.

Whilst you have your cloth in your hand, also clean all your "white" goods (washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, etc.) Heritage Woodcare will clean all these aids and being oil based will not cause rusting!

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