Wednesday, 30 December 2009

How do I clean and polish my wood floors?

In my last post I told you what to use to clean and polish your wood floors. I recommended Heritage Woodcare(this is sometimes known as Celtic Woodcare) and said that I will tell you how to use it and also where you can buy it.

To use it is very easy. First of all you need to sweep your floor to remove all the loose bits. Give your bottle a really good shake, pour some into a container, take any soft, clean cloth, soak it in your polish, squeeze and wring your cloth out and return any polish in your container to your bottle. You are now ready, put your cloth on the bottom of a brush or mop and wipe. It is as simple as that. Wipe over all the floor, paying special attention to marks. When you have done all the floor you have finished. You do not need to dry or buff up! That is the job done! I said it was easy.

You can buy your Heritage (Celtic) Woodcare online. visit

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