Friday, 12 March 2010

What can I use to clean and polish my wood?

I have, in the last two posts, given you some tips on using Heritage Woodcare. I will, therefore, use this post to introduce Heritage Woodcare to you.

Made in their Dublin facility by Drigate Products, and sometimes known as Celtic Woodcare,Heritage Woodcare is a twentyfirst century superior product based on a nineteenth century secret formula known only to the grandmasters of the furniture crafts.The keen rivalry between these skilled craftsmen brought about a constant searching for absolute perfection in the preservation, cleaning and polishing of wooden furniture and many priceless, antique pieces seen today give testimony to their success. Few people today have the time or patience of the old masters so, after much comprehensive research aided by modern technology, the age old formula has been up-dated to give the same outstanding results in a fraction of the time.

Heritage Woodcare is very easy to use. You first need to give the bottle a really good shake, pour some of the polish into a container, take any soft, clean cloth, soak in the polish, squeeze and ring your cloth out so that it is damp dry, pour the remaining polish back into your bottle not forgetting to screw the top on and you are ready. All you do now is wipe. Heritage Woodcare takes off all the buildup of silicones, waxes, grease and grime. It will, at the same time, remove most white heat marks, ring marks and water marks.

Use your Heritage on wood furniture, wood floors, in the kitchen, etc.

You can buy Heritage Woodcare online, visit

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