Saturday, 6 March 2010

Removing bitumen from a parquet floor, maintenance of a parquet floor

I am getting comments about removing bitumen, particularly from parquet floors.

This was a problem I experienced myself. Having taken up the carpet in my hall, (the original intention being to replace it) we discovered this beautiful parquet floor. My wife was still thinking about replacing the carpet but eventually agreed to displaying the parquet floor on condition I kept it clean.

My first job was to sweep it (2 or 3 times) in order to remove all dust,etc.I then got down on my hands and knees (I could do that in those days!) and, using Scotchbrite, (a non-abrasive scourer) soaked in Heritage Woodcare and sqeezed, I scrubbed the floor. I was very pleased to discover that, as I was scrubbing, not only was the grime removed, but so was the bitumen that had squeezed up between the tiles and the spots of paint.

When I had finished scrubbing the floor, it looked really good, clean and with a slight sheen.

To keep the floor looking good, I now use a squeegee mop, soaked in Heritage Woodcare and mop the floor, having swept it first. The floor is usually slightly damp so I give it 15minutes to dry before walking on it.

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