Thursday, 18 March 2010

What cleans and polishes my kitchen.

In my post of 12th March, I introduced you to Heritage Woodcare. You know, this is a really versatile polish with so many applications. In this post I propse to tell you how to use it to clean and polish your kitchen - cupboard doors, white goods, cooker hood, etc. I did say it had so many applications!

You first take your bottle of polish, give it a really good shake and pour some into a container. Take any clean, soft and lint-free cloth, soak it in your polish, squeeze and wring your cloth out till it is only damp dry. What is left in your container you then pour back into your bottle, not forgetting to put the top back on properly (as I have discovered to my cost when going to shake my bottle!) You are now ready and have done the really hard part of the job.

All you do now is wipe with no buffing up. Your kitchen table, cupboard doors - all you do is wipe! If they go streaky, not to worry, that is the polish doing its job of removing the build up. Wipe the surface over daily till all the build up has gone. Heritage Woodcare takes off all the build up of silicones, waxes, grease and grime.

I mentioned your cooker hood. If it has a build up of hard grease, when preparing your cloth, just squeeze and do not wring it out, wipe over the hood last thing at night, do this for several nights and the oils will penetrate, softening the build up so, eventually you will just wipe the grease off.

I also talked about white goods - your washing machine, dish washer, etc. Whilst wiping over your cupboard doors, etc. just carry on and wipe over your machines. They will come up clean and sparkling.

Job done!

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